Send Us Your Tired, Worn, & Torn Reusable Bags

We'll find them a good home and keep them out of the waste stream!

If they're sent to the landfill, they leak toxic chemicals into the Earth and they no longer have a sense of purpose.

Now that's a huge bummer.

So get your rear in gear and send us those bags! Please address Packages to:

ChicoBag Company
c/o Zero Waste Program
747 Fortress Street
Chico, CA 95973

be sure to share a note on why you chose to donate to our program.

Giving Unwanted Bags A Second Chance: The Pay-It Forward Program

When you send us your preloved bags, we hand sort and decide whether they can be reused, or if they need to be recycled and transformed into something new. Once we decide where they need to go, we match them up with one of our partners.

Are you in need of bags? Email us at: and we'll find a way to help.